ServiceNow Feature – Templates

ServiceNow Feature – Templates

Feature: Templates

ServiceNow has a great time-saving feature called ‘Templates’:

It allow you to hard-code a set of values to be pushed in to target fields in a form at the click of a button (extremely time saving).


Table: Choose the table that the template should update.

User: The owner of the template, the one that can edit the template.

Group: The Group that can see the template.

Template: All the attributes and the corresponding value to be stamped.

A ‘UI Action’ button can be created to launch the Template pop-up:

UI Action:


function templatePop(){
//Get the table name
var tbl = g_form.getTableName() + ‘.u_template’;

var tblDisp = ‘sys_display.’ + tbl;

var e = gel(tblDisp);

if (! {
new AJAXReferenceCompleter(e, tbl, ‘null’, ‘true’);

reflistOpen(tbl, ‘u_template’, ‘sys_template’, ‘null’, ‘false’, ‘true’);

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