ServiceNow – Workflow & Catalog Tasks

ServiceNow – Workflow & Catalog Tasks

Workflow – A virtual representation of activities in sequential order.

Catalog Task – Is a ‘Core’ workflow Activity sitting Under Menu Heading ‘Task’:

  • Approvals
  • Conditions
  • Notifications
  • Tasks
  • Timers – Catalog Task
  • Utilities

Workflow attached to a Service Catalog Order


REQ# – Request Number [sc_request] Table – This is the mother of the ‘Request’, the first record created in the chain of records. Records can be accessed via [Catalog – Requests].

RITM# – One or several Request ITEM numbers (one for phone, one for Laptop etc.) [sc_req_item] Table. These records are the children of the Request and contains one record for each Catalog Item requested. Can be accessed from within the ‘Request Record’.

SCTASK# (One for each one or several tasks per item to make it ready for user, assigned to fulfiller) [task] Table. This is for the Resolver to fulfill and mark as done when done.

Example of Request Record, its attributes and functions:

Example of Request Item:

Example of Catalog Task:

A Service Catalog Workflow in Short:

  • A request is raised in either Service Portal or Self Service – Service Catalog (In this example a ‘Service Guide’ containing 6 different Catalog Items.
  • The order raises a ‘Request’ record where approval is Requested (someone needs to authorize this, in this case it is ‘HUK Hermes Request IT’ (later this will be the Manager of the User in question). [Approval = Requested, Approved, Rejected] When Approved set to Approved. [Request Sate] – This is current state of actual request [If not Approved then ‘Pending approval etc.].
  • NOTIFICATION – The Approval Group to be informed.
  • In the process there are Request Item records for each Item ordered with a ‘Stage‘ = (Read Only) showing if approved or not. Record also has a ‘State‘ that show the state of the Request Item ‘Work In Progress’ etc. (Only when all RITM’s are Closed will the mother Request Close).
  • SCTask’s created and….

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